High Quality and Healthy Flash-Frozen Fish and Shellfish, Premium Angus and AAA Beef Steaks and Chicken products.

We cater to “households” and “groups” (clubs and corporate). 

Our mobile shop visits and serves communities  across Alberta.

  • On par with the quality of seafood and steaks served at fine dining restaurants, our products are great for home cooking, barbecues, picnics and parties.
  • We customize your orders according to your needs, whether it is for a household or “group” event.
  • Our products are packaged in portions fit for individual or multiple servings.
  • You don’t have the time to go shopping? No problem, you can pre-order and we’ll bring them the next time we visit your community.

Why shop at Nordsea.ca?

Quality. We are committed to find top quality and healthy seafood and meat products and offer them to you at competitive prices. Our customer-oriented team also believes and committed to these 3 guiding principles.


We source only from reputable suppliers and producers who are committed to sustainable methods of harvesting in the wild, or producing in environments other than the wild.


Do you have any questions about our products?  Go ahead and ask.  You will get honest answers from us. We will answer your questions as best as we can.

Community Commitment

Proudly Canadian, we are dedicated to making our communities strong.  We support local Food Banks and other charitable organizations. 

“together we are STRONG”

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Our Journey

Are you having a hard time deciding what to cook for dinner? Or what to prepare for your party?  If you are, we’ve also been there and we understand, which led us to our journey.

Our journey began years ago after moving from British Columbia to Alberta and realizing that good “fresh” fish and seafood were not easy to find.  And if you really love seafood, nothing can replace it!  Being in a landlocked region this became a challenge!

Fast forward, and these ocean goodies once again dominates the protein of choice in our home since I took a bite of a pan-seared tuna steak. It was so delicious and to my surprise it was not prepared from a fresh fish. It was flash-frozen! My family was hooked on flash-frozen seafood since then!


Our Team

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We are a small team of a family business and we love what we do!  
Our passion—seafood! Yes, delicious seafood! And let’s not forget the prime steak to go with it!
What we are good at—sourcing healthy foods and then bring them to you. 
Our goal—we understand how hectic our daily lives can be, so we want to make it easier for individuals and families to prepare  delicious meals.

NORDSEA.ca  “Bringing big sea taste to your community!”

*** SAVE $ ***  

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