Sustainability-What does it really means

As sustainability is one of our guiding principals, we at Nordea strive to create a transparent environment, from our table to yours. Our seafood is sourced from both Canadian oceans and farms, and as such, we take care to ensure all our products are OceanWise certified. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions as to what is sustainable when it comes to our food. Half of the seafood we eat is farmed, yet despite this, it is not uncommon to believe farmed seafood is genetically modified and harmful. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, both farmed and wild caught fish have the capacity to be ecologically friendly. It is in fact the production means which matters the most. 

As our carbon footprint increases and our waters overfished, it is now more than ever becoming important to develop other viable sources of food. The World Bank estimates that by 2030, farmed fish will make up nearly two thirds of global fish supply. When we buy certified farmed fish, we reduce our impact on the environment by a tenfold, and at no risk to the quality of product.

This is why when you shop with Nordsea, it is part of our commitment to ensure the most flavourful product available, along with protection of our oceans. 

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